Program Rules

Legislation, rules and guidelines defining Medicinal Marijuana in New Jersey follow:

Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel

The purpose of the Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel is to review petitions and make recommendations to the Commissioner of the Department of Health regarding the approval or denial of a petition requesting approval of other medical conditions or treatment thereof as debilitating medical conditions.

Review Panel Information

Review Panel Members

  • Alex Bekker, MD, Phd – Chairperson
  • Cheryl Kennedy, MD   - Vice Chairperson
  • Stewart Berkowitz, MD – President of NJ BME
  • Mary Bridgeman, PharmD
  • Mary Johansen, Phd, NE-BC, RN
  • PetrosLevounis, MD, MA
  • Jessica Scerbo, MD
  • Stephanie Zarus, PharmD